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파일첨부 Documents of the 10th Assembly of the WCC.pdf
WCC 제10차 총회 성명서 (영문) 모음
WCC 제10차 총회 성명서 (영문) 모음입니다.

1. Message of the 10th Assembly of the WCC
2. Unity Statement
3. Statement on the Human Rights of Stateless People
4. Statement on the Politicization of Religion and Rights of Religious Minorities
5. Statement on the Way of Just Peace
6. Statement on Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
7. Statement on the Current Critical Situation of Abyei in South Sudan
8. Statement affirming the Christian presence and witness in the Middle East
이전글 WCC 제10차 총회 성명서 (한글) 모음
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